Mobile Precinct Station

Mobile Precinct photo
The Davenport Police Department has a useful tool in its crime fighting arsenal, the Mobile Precinct Station (MPS). The Mobile Precinct is an extension of the police department and can be inserted almost anywhere in the city. It has multiple uses, such as a mobile police substation, major incident command center, crime scene investigation mobile lab or public relations.

The goal of the Mobile Precinct is to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We use the MPS to support our NETS Officers, Neighborhood Watch Programs and other areas that need enhanced law enforcement services. We also coordinate our efforts with other community services. These services include the city housing department, city environmental, city legal and area mediation services.

The Mobile Precinct is a 26' self contained trailer that is pulled by our prisoner transport vehicle. It can generate its own power in remote areas or use an onsite fixed outlet. The MPS will be used in the community year round.

There are three areas within the MPS. The front section has two work stations equipped with mobile data computers (MDC). A portable radio can also be set up in the work area as needed. The MPS has a television/VCR unit that can be used to monitor news coverage or review taped information about the site. This area also has a sound resistant closing partition to isolate it from the other areas.
Mobile Precinct Photo 2
The center section is designed as a lobby/break area. It has a microwave oven, refrigerator and storage areas.
Mobile Precinct Photo 3

The rear section of the MPS is designed as a mobile laboratory. It has aluminum countertops, tread plate flooring, storage areas and special access doors. This area can support evidence collection and storage at a major crime/disaster scene. Basic on-scene evidence processing can also be performed in this area.

Mobile Precinct Photo 4