Exterior Accessibility Grant Program

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Exterior Accessibility Grant Program

This program offers grant for the installation of exterior ramps, when applicable, and other exterior accessibility options when necessary in order to improve the accessibility of the home. This is a one time grant per household, funds are limited and may not cover all needs.

Click here for: Exterior Accessibility Grant Program Application

Click here for:  Exterior Accessibility Grant Program Brochure


Contact us at 563-326-7765 or email jrhoads@ci.davenport.ia.us  for more information.


Eligible Applicants

Available to Davenport homeowners and renters* who:

  • Meet household income limits below:  
    Household Income Limits
    By Household Size*
    1 $37,600 5 $58,000
    2 $43,000 6 $62,300
    3 $48,350 7 $66,000
    4 $53,700 8 $70,900

    For household sizes of 9 and over,

    call at 563-326-7765

    *subject to change per HUD requirements
  •  Meet household income limits listed in the chart above.
  • Properties must be current on mortgage or rent, insurance, property taxes, sewer payments, special assessments, and utilities.

Eligible Properties

  • Residential properties that are owner occupied or licensed rentals with owner approval.
  • Single-family and duplex homes.
  • Are located within the corporate limits of the City of Davenport and meet zoning requirements for residential use.
  • Conform to building and zoning requirements if in a floodplain.
  • Meet historic and environmental review standards.

Eligible Work

Assistance is provided to:

  • Install a permanent accessibility ramp or accessibility options as determined by City Staff.
  • The City reserves the right to limit the scope of work.

Application Process

  • Applications can be picked up in person , mailed, or downloaded from the website.
  • Return the completed application in person with supporting documents. Contact the CPED office for other application review arrangements.
  • For Owners, copies of deeds are available for a fee at the Recorders Office on the 5th floor of the Scott County Administrative Building.
  • For renters, a copy of the current lease is required.
  • Owners of rental properties must complete and sign the Rental Section of the application.

Contract Process

There are several steps in the process:

  • Be determined as income eligible (including verification of income and liens)
  • Prepare, with City staff help, a work plan for the installation of the ramp.
  • Obtain contractor bids and select contractor(s) after City staff reviews bids for cost reasonableness.
  • Sign the contract with contractor and the City.
  • Funding is not guaranteed until contracts have been signed.