How Can I Get Involved?

Interested in being part of the solution to water pollution? Get involved!

The following is a list of upcoming opportunities to help protect local waterways, have fun, make new friends, and enjoy a sense of pride.

Xstream Cleanup04/29/17 – Cleanup and Greenup Tree Planting – This opportunity is open to anyone interested in beautifying Davenport and protecting our natural resources. This springtime event consists of tree planting and litter pickup. Register by April 16th to receive a t-shirt.

11/18/17 – Garbage Gobble Creek CleanupA great opportunity to help improve our local waterways. This event is open to anyone interested in the health of our local waterways. No previous experience is necessary. There is both heavy and light duty work available along the waterways to be cleaned. Registration goes live September 2017.

03/24/18 – Corridor Cleanup After the snow melts each spring we are often left with gateways littered with debris captured by snow pack along the boulevard. The Corridor Cleanup was established to help spruce up Davenport's major corridors following that winter thaw. Registration will open January 2018. 

Year Round –