Controlled Burns

Controlled Burning - Resized

Native plants play a significant role in helping the City reduce its impact on the environment by: reducing water run-off, stabilizing soils and by reducing emissions and labor costs necessary to maintain more traditional plant materials such as grass.

Native plants require fire. Without fire, native plants can get shaded out by invasive brush species. Regular burns, or controlled burns, gives native plants a competitive advantage over exotic weeds and helps the plants to thrive.

When a burn of native plant material is required, the City of Davenport follows industry standards for prescribed burn planning and safety. Only staff trained in conducting controlled burns performs this type of maintenance and burns are only conducted when weather conditions permit a burn to be conducted safely. Generally conditions to conduct controlled burns are between the middle of March to the middle of May and the middle of October to the middle of November.

Find more information on native plants and controlled burns at this link.


Scheduled Burns

None scheduled at this time.


Smoke Allergies and Asthma

The City will attempt to burn only on those days when wind conditions are predicted to be low or when wind conditions will conduct smoke away from occupied buildings. Closeness of some buildings to the burn areas may mean that smoke will be present and may enter buildings despite best efforts to prevent it. It is recommended that persons with smoke allergies or asthma keep their windows closed during the burn period and afterwards for several hours. These persons may also wish to leave their homes, if they are able, during the burn to avoid smoke inhalation. 


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