Dead, Dying or Down Trees

Fallen TreeThe public is responsible to maintain trees on private property.

Forestry crews remove public trees that have been identified as hazards or undesirable. These trees are structurally unsound due to: disease, storm damage, old age, or death. 

The division also responds to emergency requests to address trees laying in the street and/or city right-of-way.  

To report a tree that presents a hazard call 563.326.7923 24/7.

Public Works recommends contacting an ISA Certified Arborist to address problems with private property trees.  


How can I dispose of tree branches that have fallen on my property as a result of storm damage?

Tree branches that fall on private property as a result of a storm must be bundled the same way as required for normal curbside yard waste collection.  Residents with large fallen trees on private property may consider contacting a tree removal company or dispose of branches and stumps at the Davenport Compost facility for a fee.