Street or Pavement Reconstruction and Repair

A record of the condition of the City's transportation network facilitates infrastructure planning and maintenance activities. Every three (3) years, the City contracts with the Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE) to analyze the condition of the City's street and bridge network.  The data collected by CTRE includes pavement condition and is used along with budget considerations to prioritize maintenance and repairs on the city's streets.

The City of Davenport's Street Maintenance Program utilizes a variety of methods and services to ensure proper care of the streets in the City.  

Joint and Crack Sealing Program
The Joint and Crack Sealing Program is performed by Public Works crews and involves the routing, cleaning and sealing of any cracks, voids or joints in the street pavement utilizing a rubberized crack sealing product. Crack Sealing is a very cost effective measure and is performed routinely to keep water from getting into the cracks in the pavement.
Bituminous Fog Seal Program

The Bituminous Fog Seal Program applies a gilsonite modified bituminous pavement sealer and rejuvinator to the surface of an asphalt street that has been resurfaced within the last three (3) years. This product fends off the oxidation that starts immediately after a new asphalt surface is laid and extends the life of the surface by maintaining the flexibility of the asphalt.

Micro-Surfacing Program

The Micro-Surfacing Program is a polymer moditied asphalt and aggregate mixture designed to protect the pavement and provide a skid resistant wearing surface. This method addresses pavement defects on street which conventional overlays would not be cost effective and is also beneficial on pavement which require work due to surface imperfections without causing excessive build up of addition material on the pavement.

Full-Depth Patching Program

Full Depth Paching is a yearly maintenance program that consists of a removing sections of pavement and replacing the pavement at full depth. City crews routinely include this repair method and when the budget allows, the city contracts with an outside contractor to repair larger sections of pavement.

Street Resurfacing

This program is similar to Full Depth Patching in that it is routinely carried out by city crews but may be contracted with a private contractor for larger sections of streets when the budget allows. The process entails four primary operations: removing and replacing curb as necessary; roto-milling to remove the existing asphalt; full depth patching any underlying problems; laying the new asphalt and raising utility castings.

Pothole Patching

Repairs are scheduled through zone patching and customer service requests with a separate crew assigned to patch potholes on a daily basis. A link to the Pothole Repair Request is provided below.