Mulch at the Compost FacilityThe Davenport Compost Facility produces natural shredded and chipped wood mulch from branches and logs received at the facility.  Mulch produced is free of stains and dyes and can be used for all of your landscaping projects.

Shredded Wood Mulch, $18.00/Cubic Yard, Subject to Availability

Chipped Wood Mulch, $15.00/Cubic Yard, Subject to Availability
Chipped wood mulch is predominantly 1 to 3 inches in size, paper mill quality and produced primarily from red and white oak.

MULCHING TIP: Wood mulches are high in organic carbon. Soil organisms compete with plants for nitrogen as they break down this carbon.  A one inch layer of Earth Cycle 100% Compost Soil Builder applied prior to laying wood mulch will provide additional nutrients and improve plant growth.

Questions?  Contact us at 563.328.7225 or file a request for information.