River & Creek Levels and Response

The city utilizes multiple systems to warn residents of possible flood conditions, including the website, local media and, on occasion for flash flooding, auto-dial phone calls. The primary and most important means is through floodplain education.  The second is early warning, when the opportunity exists to do so.  

Find information below about current creek or river levels and associated response activities.

River Levels
The city utilizes information from multiple agencies when preparing for predicted flood conditions.  The public can view current river levels and predicted flood levels at:
River Flood Response
The city's flood plan is comprised of over 500 activities that address flood response and recovery through a 26 ft flood. Minor activities begin at just 10 ft when river levels are predicted to reach or surpass 13 ft. The following excerpt from our flood plan is provided to give the community an idea of what is impacted during various flood stages.
Stage Specific Flood Fighting
Creek Levels
The City, in partnership with the Iowa Flood Center, has stream sensors that measure water levels on two creeks in Davenport.  The sensors monitor Blackhawk Creek at South Concord Street and Duck Creek at Eastern Avenue.  View real time information from these gauges at the Iowa Flood Center's website. and will provide accurate readings where there were none previously.
Creek Flood Response
Creek flood response is dependent on how the event prevents itself.  Gates may be closed and pumps set in some flood prone areas prior to the event. This may also occur after the event has begun. Notice to flood prone property along Black Hawk and Duck Creek is provided when warranted and when the ability exists to do so. Crews are called in to manage other infrastructure that may be damaged or not functioning properly as a result of conditions.

Localized Flood Events
Localized flooding can be unpredictable and may occur in both the floodplain and other areas of the city. Common causes of localized flooding are: blocked catch basins, culverts and storm sewers, broken water mains or services, and cracked or broken sanitary sewers. If you notice localized flooding that cannot be attributed to any waterway, please call the Public Works at 563.326.7923 to report the condition.