Section 8 Housing-Voucher Program-Family of 1 or More

Effective October 31, 2014 our office will no longer be accepting applications for the Section 8 and/or Public Housing waiting list.


Benefits to Eligible Families


Waiting List 


With Section 8 Housing the family is required to pay 30% of their adjusted yearly income towards rent and utilities while the Office of Assisted Housing pays the owner the difference between that amount and the contract rent established for the dwelling unit.  This will help improve the family's financial condition by allowing it to secure housing adequate  at a price it can afford.  This, in turn, allows the family to reallocate more of its income to other necessities. 


The quality of the housing is assured because all units must be in compliance with HUD Housing Quality Standards and Davenport's Rental Inspection Program before they will be approved for the program.


The family also benefits in that it is not limited to any location under the program.  It is the family's right and responsibility to select any approvable unit including the one in which it resides at the time it is certified eligible for the program.


Section 8 Income Limits

To be eligible for the Section 8 Program, the following income limits are listed according to family size.
1 -  23,300

2 -  26,600

3 -  29,950

4 -  33,250

5 -  35,950

6 -  38,600

7 -  41,250

8 -  43,900


Applicants with disabilities who require special accommodation in the application process should notify the Office of Assisted Housing at 326-7899 or for the hearing impaired, the TTD at 326-7912.


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