Section 8 Housing - Landlord Information

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development gives funds to the City of Davenport/Office of Assisted Housing to provide rent subsidies to eligible low income families.  Families may include single persons, elderly and disabled households.

The Office of Assisted Housing selects families from its waiting list in order of application.  They verify the information provided in the families' applications and determines whether the families who apply meet the eligibility guidelines, which are based upon the family's income and family size.  Families are required to provide accurate information.  The Office of Assisted Housing eligibility determination does not include whether a family is suitable to rent a dwelling unit and does not screen applicants for their suitability to rent an apartment.


After eligibility is determined, the office issues vouchers to families who then undertake a housing search. After receiving a voucher, eligible families generally pay between 30 to 40% of their incomes for rent and the Office of assisted Housing provides a subsidy that generally represents the difference between the tenant's share and the gross contract rent. The subsidy that the Office of Assisted Housing will pay is called a "Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and this payment is subject to limitations imposed by the Voucher Payment Standards.


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Benefits to Property Owners

The owner of an approved dwelling unit benefits under the Section 8 program by having the dwelling unit leased for one (1) year to a family that has freely selected that unit and that has the ability to pay its share of the rent.


As long as the owner meets his/her obligations under the program, he/she automatically receives monthly Housing Assistance Payments directly from the Office of Assisted Housing for the portion of the rent not to be paid by the tenant.


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