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TAccident Investigationhe Crash Investigation Unit officers are responsible for the complete investigation of all fatal, incapacitating, and serious injury motor vehicle traffic accidents that occur in the City of Davenport. These officers are highly trained in technical accident investigation, accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, and driver/passenger injury investigation. Working these investigations up through and including expert court testimony is another responsibility of the C.I.U. officers. They are occasionally called upon to assist other local agencies with fatal and serious injury crash investigation as well.

When time permits, the secondary responsibility of the Crash Investigation Unit officers is the investigation of the approximately 1,000 hit and run traffic accidents that are reported to the Davenport Police Department each year. These investigations include evidence collection, examination, and identification; driver identification; and the arrest of hit and run offenders.

Crash Investigation Unit officers are called upon to assist with selective traffic enforcement activities, as well as the special events conducted within the City of Davenport each year.
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