Abandoned Vehicles

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The Traffic Bureau is responsible for responding to all abandoned vehicles in the City of Davenport, both on public and private property.  On average each year the Traffic Bureau checks on 1,000 public street complaints and 700 private property complaints.  Vehicles found in violation of the City's abandoned vehicle ordinance are tagged with a warning sticker.  The owner is given time to move the vehicle or bring it into compliance with the ordinance.  Follow this link to learn more about the abandoned vehicle ordinance (click on Davenport City Code and then, on the left side of the screen, click on the + beside Municipal Code and then, go to Title 10 and to 10.76 Abandoned, Illegally Parked, Impounded or Junk Vehicles).  If the owner does not move the vehicle or bring it into compliance within the prescribed time limit, the vehicle is towed and impounded.  The owner is then required to pay towing and storage fees in order to regain possession of the vehicle.  If the vehicle is not claimed within the time period allowed by law, the vehicle is sold at public auction.  Each month, the public auction disposes of unclaimed vehicles.  Follow this link to learn more about purchasing vehicles at the public auction (click on Fred's Auctions).