Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Program

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 A home loan is available to eligible homeowners citywide for housing rehabilitation.
 Eligible Applicants:
 Davenport homeowners who:
  • Own and occupy their home as their primary residence for at least 1 year.
  • Possess a recorded deed
  • Meet household income and asset limits.(see table below)
  • Demonstrate their ability to pay financial obligations and maintain the property.
  • Are current on all bills, property taxes, sewer payments, special assessments, and utilities.
  • Do not currently have a loan with the City of Davenport.
  • Have traditional financing of their mortgage, reverse mortgages, ARM, and contract sales will not be accepted.
  • have 12 months positive payment and income
  • No open court proceedings or judgments
  • Have no liens, court judgments, or credit collections (medical collections will not be reviewed)
  • Meet other program requirements
  Income Limits*
1 person  $37,600
2 people  $43,000
3 people  $48,350
4 people   $53,700
5 people  $58,000
6 people  $62,300
7 people   $66,600
8 people  $70,900
9 or more people - contact City staff
*subject to change without notice

Eligible Properties:
Residential properties are eligible if:
  • It is habitable and insurable.
  • It is an owner-occupied single-family or duplex structure.
  • It is located within the corporate limits of the City of Davenport and meets zoning requirements for residential use.
  • It conforms to building and zoning requirements if in a floodplain.
  • It meets historic and environmental review standards.
  • Meets other programs requirements.
What kind of work can I have done on my home?
Assistance is provided to:
  • Correct existing and potential Housing Code violations.
  • Remove physical disability barriers.
  • Repair/upgrade fire protection systems.
  • Eliminate lead-based paint hazards according to Federal Regulations.
Tell me more about the loan
A mortgage and promissory note secure all loans. Payments are calculated utilizing federal affordability requirements. Eligible households with 30% or below area median income qualify for a deferred mortgage loan. A minimum monthly payment of $25 is required on all approved loans for households with annual income above 30% of area median income.
The interest on rehab loans is 0% to 3% for a term of up to 15 years. For all applicants, the City reserves the right to limit the rehabilitation work.
How do I apply?
Return the completed application in person with any attachments, including a copy of applicant's deed showing the Scott County Recorder's file stamp and recording number. Copies of deeds are available for a fee at the Recorder's Office on the 5th floor of the Scott County Administration Building.  If you have questions about filling out the application, call Community Planning and Economic Development at (563) 326-7765.
  • If you receive Social Security benefits or FIP, please include a copy of your annual benefits statement. This statement is available at the Social Security office at 4319 North Brady Street in Davenport.
  • Application processing takes approximately 4 weeks. City staff will notify you by letter if your application is approved or denied.

Click here for:   Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Program Application

Click here for:    Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Program

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Dawn Cameron.