Garbage or Recycling Cart Exchange

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Does the size of your garbage or recycling cart(s) meet your needs?  If you said no, then you may need to right-size your cart(s).

To request a larger or smaller garbage or recycling cart, complete and submit this form along with the $25 cart exchange fee.  The fee applies to all cart exchanges, except exchanges for new HOMEOWNERS who purchased the home within the last six (6) months. If you are a new homeowner within the last six months and would like to exchange your cart, call us during business hours at 563.326.7923.

The garbage or recycling cart(s) requested will be delivered to the property identified on the Tuesday following the City’s receipt of the completed request form and any applicable fee(s).

Carts scheduled for exchange should be left at the property’s normal collection point (street or alley).  We will leave the property’s new cart at the same location.  Carts scheduled for exchange must be empty.  Once the new cart is received, record the serial number on the front of the new cart to help you identify it.

Questions?  Call Public Works at 563.326.7923, Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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Indicate your relationship to the property where a cart exchange or additional cart is being requested. Only the individual who is billed for this service is authorized to request the change.*
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